Raising a Happy and Healthy Puggle: Getting to Know Your Puggle

by coachz10 on January 14, 2012

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Training Your Puggle Begins Right Away 

Puggles are a Puzzlement!

Puggle puppies are amazingly complex, with powerful sense of family (pack dynamics) and their place in it. Interestingly, they are constantly testing and reaffirming their place in the pack and in your heart.

You are going to discover, early on, that Puggles are not easily left behind or caged, even for the night. Puggles frequently suffer from separation anxiety (to be covered soon). Puggles want to be next to, touching, engaged with, and, in a very literally sense, bound to their fellow members of the pack….you and your family.

Puggles and Proximity: Raising a Happy and Healthy Puggle

Our Puggle, TuffGuy, is always within arm's reach of at least one family member! His favorite spot during the day is in my office...on the recliner, of course!

Puggles want to fit in and they will bond with every family member in a unique way!

Ultimately, your Puggle will decide who he or she likes to sleep with, curl up next to, and “hang with.” Interestingly, there will be a hierarchy and, if the number one family member isn’t available, your Puggle’s number one, they’ll simply move down to number two and spend time with whomever is next.

Puggles will give all the love, loyalty, and attention you can handle consistently, constantly, and in rank order!

When TuffGuy was a puppy, he would travel through the night from one bed to the next, checking on everyone and getting to know everyone.

Let it happen!

Or, as the song goes: Let the love grow!

The bond created between you, your family, and your Puggle will improve your relationship with your puppy long term; and, it’ll make for a happy and healthy adult Puggle.

Finally, be consistently firm and positive with your newest family member.

Puggles will not back down! So don’t try to bully or intimidate; it doesn’t work. In fact, be excessively, even effusively positive whenever you have a success (i.e., housebreaking, training moment, etc.).

We will get into the actually training of your Puggle puppy next.

For now, learn to enjoy and love. Be consistent and be affirming. Reaffirm your approval and your love constantly…Puggles return love unconditionally!

Ultimately, this is not rocket science. However, raising and training a happy and healthy Puggle can and will test your resolve and your patience. Be positive in all things related to raising and training your Puggle puppy.

Puggle Training Note – Housebreaking (potty training) your Puggle:

Make sure you start taking your Puggle puppy out every hour or so; and, immediately before and soon after they eat or drink. Start this as soon as you get him or her home. Puggles are very smart and if you reinforce their successes with effusive praise and treats, they will get the idea and be housebroken in no time at all. Females faster than males…to be sure!

Good Luck and God Bless You and Your New Family Member in the New Year!

Jack and TuffGuy (friend, constant companion, and mascot)
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NOTE: You may have noticed that I capitalize Puggle and Puggles. It’s a personal thing. I know it is grammatically incorrect to capitalize Puggle and Puggles. That said, TuffGuy is just too important in our family to be a small “p!” Okay?

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