My Response to a Proud New Puggle Owner: How to Raise a Happy and Healthy Puggle

by coachz10 on October 27, 2009

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I am so pleased! Puggles are awesome dogs. Puggles can be very willful, so you have to be firm but loving. You can’t be harsh with them, they will rebel! You have to be gentle but firm. I find that when TuffGuy gets insistent and starts barking a lot, just ignoring him works best. Don’t reinforce the behavior. Because of the Beagle in them, Puggles can be loud…just ignore it, walk away, and when the behavior you want to stop ceases, then wait 3-5 seconds and then praise them and give them attention. Your new Puggle might get louder at first, that’s extinction behavior, they get louder before giving up.

Just be patient, be firm, praise them (Puggles love praise), and above all be gentle!

Puggles want to be in the middle of everything, so allow your new Puggle to become part of the family. Puggles will follow you everywhere and will be your shadow and your companion.

Puggles may demonstrate separation anxiety!

If you are leaving and they know it, they may try to grab your ankles or pants with their mouth to try to keep you from leaving. Just alter your routine, leave by a different door, get your keys way before leaving so they don’t connect any one behavior with your leaving and they will be fine in time.

Puggles, Walks, and Housebreaking

Take the time to take them for walks, particularly at first. Dogs are like humans, exercise helps the regularity and if you make a big deal out of their going “potty” while on the walk, they will make that part of the ritual. TuffGuy will only poop on our walks now, at midnight! he waits all day and won’t poop at any other time. At first make it a ritual to go out after the eat, then about a half an hour later. The watch them closely and when they begin to sniff, take him or her out right away and praise them when they go. They will make the connection fast.

Treats and Success

I always give TuffGuy and Bart (our Sheltie) a treat when they come back in after a successful outing. Now, they expect it. It works!

If you have any questions, just email or Skype me.

Good luck and have fun!

Puggles love walks, attention, praise, and consistency. Do those 4 things and you will have a great dog!

John (and TuffGuy)

John Zajaros
Skype: johnzajaros1

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