How to Raise a Happy and Healthy Puggle: Making Room for Your New Addition!

by coachz10 on October 3, 2009

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Puggles want to be close, they will often be under foot, and are almost never out of ear shot or sight!

Raising and training Puggles can be a very pleasurable experience! It is very important that Puggles have their own spot and that they feel totally comfortable as a member of the family. If you make that sort of a connection, training your Puggle will be a pleasure!

Puggle training can be challenging, they are very strong-willed and can be very obstinate…particularly if you get into a personality conflict with him or her. Be firm yet soft spoken…don’t get into a barking contest with your Puggle, you will lose!

I see references to cages and crates and they infuriate me! How would you like to be put in a cage for hours at a time? It is not only inhumane, it is counterproductive. In the end, they will rebel, hating the cage and very possibly the person or persons who put him or her in there!

Take the time, make the effort to raise and train your Puggle properly and a crate or cage will never be necessary.

You can see where TuffGuy sleeps, unless we are in bed; and then he either sleeps at the foot of the bed, in between Connie and I, or with Emily and at the foot of her bed.

We do not use a cage or a crate! And, in 37 years of adulthood, I have owned one dog after another and the cage or crate has never been part of my dog training routine, and I have had some amazing experiences with dogs!

Raise and train your Puggle properly and you will never even have to consider a crate or cage!

John Zajaros and TuffGuy
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PS, If you are having issues with training your Puggle, go to They have an awesome program and they can help you wityh anything you can think of!

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Kevin April 21, 2016 at 12:26 am

How can tell if my puggle is happy?
He doesn’t pee in the house he doesn’t get into the garbage
I just look at him and I wonder what he thinking .


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